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Criminal Law

If you’ve recently been charged with a crime, calm your fears and give yourself defense options by turning to the assistance of our criminal law attorney.


A San Jose DUI attorney may mean the difference between having a serious offense on your record and getting the charges dropped.

Drug Crime Law

A drug crime lawyer can keep you out of serious trouble. Drug charges usually result in several years in jail, so it is worth seeking the help of an experienced attorney.

Juvenile Crimes

Keeping your child out of a correctional facility can save your family money, and more importantly, it can give your child a chance to progress with his or her education and will keep your family from being torn apart.

Sex Crimes

Few accusations are as challenging to deal with as sex crime accusations—whether they are true or false. A sex crimes defense lawyer is indispensable.

Theft Crimes

Whether you’ve been accused of petty theft, grand larceny, burglary, or white-collar crime, we can represent you in court and help you to win your case.

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  • Nick covers a vast majority of crimes and has extensive experience with DUI cases. Given his extensive experience and knowledge in criminal defense, you should definitely give Nick a call before anybody else.

    — Spencer S.

  • I'm writing this thank you letter to show our appreciation for the hard and extraordinary job you did with my husbands case.

    — Gabriela R.

  • My 21 yr old son had violated his felony probation & had 2 new charges. He was facing 6-8 yrs in prison. Nick fought hard for my son. My son was sentenced last month to 1 year of rehab & 3 yrs of probation thanks to Nick Cvietkovich.

    — Kathi

  • Nick is a very intelligent, personable and clever lawyer. He knows the system well and was able to get me the lightest possible sentence. If I ever have any legal questions or need any legal help in the future, he will be my first call.

    — Kelly