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Being accused of a crime as a juvenile can be a frightening experience. Having a child in the same predicament can be terrifying for any parent. Whether it’s you who needs representation or your child, The Law Offices of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich can help you. Attorney Nick Cvietkovich has been practicing as a juvenile crimes lawyer in San Jose, CA for many years and has handled more than 3,000 legal cases.

Juvenile Crimes in California

While juveniles are often not tried as adults, the consequences for a juvenile sentence can still be severe. Depending on the severity of the crime and the age of the child, the court may simply order the child to live with you under court supervision, or put your child under probation. But your child may also be sent away to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) or a probation camp. Your child also may be tried as an adult, in which case he or she can be sent to an adult correctional facility. The whole experience of the arrest can be even more traumatic if your child is detained at a juvenile hall after being arrested instead of being sent home to you.

While you may think that a child can only be tried as an adult for murder or attempted murder, you may be surprised to find out that a child can be tried and convicted as an adult for other crimes as well, like armed robbery, drug related crimes, arson, or escaping from juvenile hall. Getting representation for your child in a juvenile case is important no matter what, but if your child is being tried as an adult it is absolutely essential you seek legal representation. A child who is 16 or older can be sent straight to an adult correctional facility. A child who is younger will be placed in a juvenile facility but will be later transferred to an adult facility.

Your lawyer can not only represent your child in juvenile or adult court, but can also help you and your child to understand the complexities of juvenile crime law. A qualified attorney can assist you in fulfilling your responsibilities in terms of restitution, fees, and more. Keeping your child out of a correctional facility can save your family money, and more importantly, it can give your child a chance to progress with his or her education and will keep your family from being torn apart.

Nick Cvietkovich is a member of the Santa Clara County Bar Association and the California Public Defender’s Association, and has worked many juvenile cases in the past. Nick Cvietkovich unites a passion for law with years of experience to bring you the best legal services. Contact us today at 408-898-9653. Payment plans are available for families who have financial difficulties, and your initial consultation is always free.

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