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Have questions about how California criminal law could affect your criminal charge? Our San Jose criminal lawyer could help you understand your legal options under the law.

Transgender Hate Crimes

Transgender equality laws have been in the news lately, headlines by the bombshell story that North Carolina’s governor recently signed a law limiting the use of public bathrooms by transgendered people. The issue of transgender rights has long been one for debate, and the debate has not slowed as transgendered people and rights issues continue to … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence: The Difference Between Spousal Battery and Corporal Injury

When you have been accused of or charged with domestic violence, it is critical that you understand the charges so you can combat them effectively. There are several different types of domestic abuse, ranging from relatively low severity to extremely violent. In some cases, a person may be charged with domestic abuse without ever physically hurting … Continue reading

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ACLU Expresses Strong Opposition to the Three Strikes and You Are Out Rule

San Jose criminal defense attorney Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich

For those who may be unfamiliar, there are currently 26 states, including California, that have adopted the Three Strikes and You Are Out law. California first adopted this sentencing provision in 1994 as an effort to reduce the number of felony convictions per person by imposing significant sentencing consequences for each felony conviction up to … Continue reading

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