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If you have been charged with a drug crime in California, the penalties could depend on drug type and amount. Call our office today to discuss your situation.

Drug Crimes, Immigration Status, and Deportation

San Jose criminal defense attorney Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich

With election season in full swing, the issue of immigration and drug crimes has become front and center in American discourse. The debate surrounding immigration issues and drug crimes are not only for presidential candidates, however. In early September, California state legislature passed through the Senate Appropriations Committee two law proposals that would bridge the … Continue reading

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Will Legalized Marijuana Become a Reality in California?

Currently, the state of California only permits legal use of marijuana for medical purposes. All other uses are currently considered drug crimes. But backers like The Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform are making serious progress in their ReformCA movement, and they hope to have the initiative in front of voters on the November 2016 election … Continue reading

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