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If you have been charged with a drug crime in California, the penalties could depend on drug type and amount. Call our office today to discuss your situation.

DUI and Drugs

Under California law it is illegal to drive under the influence of both alcohol and drugs. Drugs can be anything from illegal substances like methamphetamine, prescription drugs like Vicodin, or even over the counter cough medicine. If you are taking something that impairs your ability to drive, you can be arrested and convicted of Driving … Continue reading

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California Pushing for Test to Help Officers Detect Drugged Driving

Between the legalization of medicinal marijuana and the push for recreational legalization, police officers and state officials are looking for a way to better detect who might be driving while under the influence. Their hope is a handheld electronic device that would automatically detect the presence of various drugs, including marijuana, on a saliva swab. … Continue reading

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