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If your child has been charged with a juvenile crime in California, you have legal options. Our San Jose juvenile lawyer could help.

Risk Factors Linked to Juvenile Crime

San Jose criminal defense attorney Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich

Any parent wants to know the whereabouts and activities of their children. As children grow older, however, constant supervision becomes unrealistic, and parents can simply hope that their children are making smart choices. While only a relatively small number of children commit crimes, juvenile crimes do happen, even under the care of responsible parents. Studies … Continue reading

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Juvenile Delinquency: A Wave of Epidemic Proportion Facing Our Society Today

There are many slang terms to describe a young person heading down the wrong side of a long, hard road. Dependent upon your age, misguided youths may have been branded as greasers, hippies, punks, hoodlums or slackers, but what exactly describes the life of a juvenile delinquent? Joseph A. Wickliffe, course developer and instructor of … Continue reading

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