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The Basics of Petty Theft

San Jose criminal defense attorney Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich

To not steal may be a commandment embedded in the social fabric, but not all stealing is considered equal in the eyes of the law. There are different levels to stealing, and they are punished as such. The simplest type of theft is known as petty theft, or more formally, larceny. Petty theft is the taking of … Continue reading

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Kill Switch Law Decreases Smartphone Thefts

Petty theft has long been one of the most common non-violent crimes. It covers a wide range of offenses, including shoplifting. Though common-knowledge is that this type of petty crime is, in large part, perpetrated by younger offenders looking for a thrill or way, presumably, to rebel, shoplifting statistics, for example, show that only one-quarter … Continue reading

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