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Allegations related to sex crimes are extremely serious. For a defendant guilty of a sex crime, the situation can create feelings of despair. For falsely accused defendants, the very nature of such charges often creates prejudice in the minds of prosecutors, judges, and juries, making a qualified defense seem impossible.

At the Law Offices of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich, we understand how difficult facing charges of sex crimes can be. We also know how important it is to have an advocate on your side that is willing to listen and fight for you when a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge occurs.

Sex Crimes Defense Attorney in Santa Clara County

Conviction of a sex crime can have devastating consequences to an individual. In addition to the severe legal penalties associated with many such charges, the damage to one’s reputation and future opportunities may be incalculable. Depending on the specific offense, a conviction may require an individual to register as a convicted sex offender, often resulting in lifelong negative impacts.

Throughout his career, Attorney Nick Cvietkovich has handled thousands of cases throughout the Bay Area. He has worked with hundreds of clients facing charges related to wide variety of sex crimes, including:

  • Rape;
  • Statutory rape;
  • Internet-based sex offenses;
  • Prostitution and solicitation;
  • Indecent public exposure and lewd behavior,
  • Child pornography;
  • Sexual abuse of a child and molestation; and
  • Sexual battery and sexual assault.

Aggressive Sex Crimes Defense in California

California law contains more than 100 separate statutes relating sex crimes in the state, many of them pertaining to the age and consent of the involved parties. As such, a full investigation of the circumstances surrounding sex crime charges of any type is the key to building a qualified defense. Nobody understands this better than Mr. Cvietkovich. With his years of experience, and working knowledge of the law, he is prepared to uncover every available detail and piece of evidence to help your case.

It is an unfortunate reality that charges of sex crimes are often result of false accusations, and have little basis in fact. They may be motivated by anger, jealousy, or the potential for financial gain on the part of the accuser. A thorough investigation of the facts, however, can reveal such motivations. To that end, Mr. Cvietkovich is prepared to provide your case with the care and attention to detail that you deserve.

Even if you are guilty of committing a sex crime, our office may still be able to help you. Mr Cvietkovich realizes that, sometimes, negotiating with prosecutors may be the best approach in a given situation and has the knowledge and experience necessary to obtaining a more favorable outcome. Based on the facts of your case, charges can potentially be reduced or eliminated, minimizing the impact to your future.

If you are dealing with allegations of sex crimes, the compassionate team at The Law Offices of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich is here for you. Contact us today at 408-898-9653 to schedule a free consultation. We proudly serve clients in San Jose, Santa Clara, and throughout the Bay Area, and will work with you to build the qualified, professional defense you deserve.

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