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Understanding the Administrative Per Se Law for DUI in California

Officer stopping a female driver

In 1990, California passed a law that made it possible for authorities to immediately suspend the license of any person caught driving under the influence. This law, known as Administrative Per Se (APS), was implemented to combat drunk driving. Below, our San Jose DUI lawyer explains administrative per se law in California. Who Does the … Continue reading

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3 Types of Consequences Faced by Underage Drinkers on College Campuses

Person drinking and driving with bottle in hand

Although colleges and universities pour money into programs that strive to eliminate underage drinking and educate students on the risks of alcohol consumption, drinking continues to be a rite of passage on college campuses across the United States. Students should be aware of the potential consequences that await them when they choose to drink on … Continue reading

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3 Field Sobriety Tests You May Experience During a DUI Stop in San Jose

Field sobriety test in California

If a police officer sees you driving erratically and suspects you of driving under the influence, or if someone reports you, you may have to go through one or more standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs). SFSTs are designed to test an individual’s balance, coordination and divided attention. None of these tests are perfect, which is … Continue reading

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Three Consequences of a California Domestic Violence Conviction

Domestic violence in San Jose

A California domestic violence conviction could have serious consequences. Depending on the charge and the defendant’s prior offenses, court penalties could vary. However, after court penalties are completed, a domestic violence conviction could unfortunately follow a defendant into other parts of his or her life. Consequence #1: You Could Lose Your Gun Rights Under the … Continue reading

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