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The idea of crime, to many people, is generally associated with illegal activities related to drugs or violent behavior. While such forms of crime tend to dominate local news headlines and the attention of municipal police departments, there are many other types of offenses that may seem less dramatic, but can be equally serious. Such is the case with a general classification of activity known as white collar crime.

Attorney Nick Cvitekovich has worked with hundreds of clients facing white collar crime charges and knows just how serious consequences can be when facing these types of accusations.

Our San Jose Criminal Defense Lawyer Serves Clients Charged With White Collar Crime

White collar crime refers to criminal activities that are non-violent in nature, but often motivated by financial gain. While no two cases are exactly the same, white collar offenses are commonly committed by means of deception, either in person, on paper, or electronically.

The negative impact to a white collar crime victim is usually financial and can create problems for the victim well into the future. Credit ratings may be affected, in addition to hundreds or thousands of dollars in financial losses. The consequences to individual convicted of a white collar crime can be extremely serious, as well. Depending on the particular offense, an allegation may be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony, and the associated penalties can include fines and prison terms, among other penalties.

At The Law Offices of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich, we have worked with white-collar crimes of all types including:

  • Fraud or deceit;
  • Bribery;
  • Ponzi schemes;
  • Embezzlement or money laundering;
  • Identity theft;
  • Forgery;
  • Theft of intellectual property, including copyright violations; and
  • Many other offenses.

Affordable, Aggressive Defense for White Collar Crime Charges

When you have been falsely accused of a white-collar offense, the seriousness of the situation can be paralyzing. You may be facing significant fines or prison sentences, in addition to the possibility of paying financial restitution for actions you did not commit. The strength of your defense lies in your attorney’s ability to uncover the truth and make available every piece of evidence. Mr. Cvietkovich understands the importance of a thorough investigation. He will review every detail and even interview law enforcement personnel to ensure your defense is as comprehensive as possible.

Other situations may require an alternative approach, often requiring negotiations with prosecutors to reduce or eliminate charges. Over his career, Mr. Cvietkovich has handled thousands of cases, many of which were settled quickly and with minimal negative impact by effective cooperation with authorities.

If you are facing charges involving white-collar criminal activity, you deserve the representation that can only be offered by a professional, qualified defense lawyer. Contact The Law Offices of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich to schedule a free consultation at (408) 898-9653 today. We will review your case and help you decide how to proceed in building your defense.


Nick is an excellent attorney who really cares for his clients and knows what he is doing. His experience can be easily noticed. He works tirelessly to achieve the best end results in every case. He is very straightforward and lets you know what to expect from beginning to end, it is a relief to speak to an attorney like him that is not just trying to retain your business, but genuinely cares for the people he works with. He has a great team of people working for him that are always willing to update you on your case and answer any questions you might have. If you want a great attorney who will not overcharge you and will get you the best results, call his office.

-Mari, Yelp

There’s not enough words to explain how grateful I am with Nick. He defended my husband in a 25 to life case. No matter how difficult it seemed Nick never gave up. He is very humble, respectful, honest and professional! He was always keeping us updated and letting us know of the status of the case. He would always return our calls and txt messages. Not like others lawyers that all they want is money. Thank you Nick for representing my husband and giving him a new opportunity to start all over with us. God bless you. Thanks to you the case was dismissed!!!

-Anna, Google

Nick is an incredible lawyer. I worked with Nick for about 2 years to have my case resolved. I selected him from conducting 7 interviews with a couple of other lawyers but I knew that he was the man for the job when I talked to him. I selected him after 2 interviews after I knew that he was an experienced lawyer and handled numerous cases within my charge. Nick is very thorough, professional, and always goes above and beyond for his clients. He is very exceptional and I would recommend Nick again in the future for any client that wants to either win, dismiss, or reduce any charges. I highly recommend Nick Cvietkovich.

-Ron, Yelp

When I got my second DUI, a friend of mine told me about Nick and how he is a great defense lawyer and would do whatever it took to get me the best deal. Upon meeting him, I already that I was in good hands. Throughout my case, he would keep me updated with any new information that would help my case and always be ready to answer my questions. He was very understanding with everything and helped me every way possible. Then when I got in trouble with driving without a license, I went back to him and he quickly took my case and did such a wonderful job. I was worried about what would have happened with me but Nick kept me calm and would make sure that I would be taken care. He is a great lawyer with great staff and is someone I recommend to anyone that is looking for a top notch defense lawyer. Thank you for everything Nick.

-Carlos, Yelp

I was pulled over by the police in San Jose about 4 months ago with a .09 blood alcohol level. I knew I had to get some help. This was my first time ever needing legal help. When I spoke with Nick he sounded like a nice guy. He was knowledgeable and offered a very reasonable price. So I went with him and hoped for the best. Little did I know I had just hired an excellent lawyer. He went to work right away. He made me feel comfortable and was always quick to get back to my questions and concerns and always kept me informed with the case. Four months later his strategy worked great. I had prepared myself for a DUI sentence but was hoping to get at least a wet reckless. I ended up walking away with a dry reckless and a small fine. My license was not affected either. I can’t thank him enough. Nick is a very intelligent, personable and clever lawyer. He knows the system well and was able to get me the lightest possible sentence. If I ever have any legal questions or need any legal help in the future, he will be my first call.

-Kelly, Avvo

I give 5 stars for Mr. Cvietkovich. My family was going through a terrible tragedy and on top of that had a legal issue that was time sensitive. I contacted Nick Cvietkovich and in just a few hours Mr. Cvietkovich got all the parties together and resolved the issues. Some things are worth more than money. My family and I owe Mr. Cvietkovich way more than he charged which was extremely reasonable. Everyone needs a lawyer that not only gets things done but gets things done quickly. Thank you Nick Cvietkovich – words cannot express my gratitude.

-Justin, Yelp

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